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Two-Dimensional Ideas on Paper: Prints from Nature

Two-Dimensional Ideas on Paper: Prints from Nature

The craft NATURE PRINTS was adapted from the project “From the Yard/Nature Prints” found in All-Around-the-House Art and Craft Book by Patricia Z. Wirtenberg and published by Houghton Mifflin Company in1968


Leaves, bark, twigs

Printer’s inks or poster or acrylic paints in various colors (cheaper to use)

Drawing pencils (optional)

Rice or bond paper in white or various light colors (works best with poster/acrylic paints)

Brown wrapping paper or construction paper for use with printer’s inks

Brayer (or roller)

Piece of glass


Solvent for cleaning brayer and glass if using printer’s inks unless using water-soluble printer’s inks

  1. Collect fresh leaves from the trees or bushes in your neighborhood or yard. You will need some to experiment with and some for the last print. Other objects such as tree bark (if it’s easy to peel off) and even some twigs will work along with the leaves, too.
  2. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Lay down the glass and brayer on the work surface. Select the paints or inks that you will use. Acrylic or poster paints are less expensive than oil-based printer’s inks and easier to clean up after use.
  3. You can squeeze one color for each leaf or squeeze two or three colors side-by-side on the glass. The leaves in the samples shown used one or two or three colors at one time.
  4. Roll the paint or inks on the glass until the pigment covers the brayer. If you are using more than one color, let the colors run into each other. Roll the brayer over the leaf several times and turning the leaf over, lay it on a piece of paper like rice paper or bond paper. Use your hand to press the leaf so that it prints on the paper. Paper that is not too thick or too thin is the best to use if using acrylic or poster paints. Printer’s inks can use a slightly heavier paper like construction or brown wrapping paper.
  5. Remove the leaf and see how it printed on the paper. Experiment until you have a print that you like. Experiment with other materials from nature combined with the leaves.
  6. To create a mixed media design, color the whites of the leaves or the background paper or outline the printed leaves with colored pencils. See the two samples below.
  7. Frame the print or using old note card stationery, make note cards or poster cards of the printed leaves. They make a thoughtful gift for people who still write notes!
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Autumn Votive Candle Holder

Autumn Votive Candle Holder


Autumn Votive Craft

Autumn Votive Craft

Welcome the fall season with a fun craft project! Use the Autumn Votive Candle Holder as a decoration for autumn or Halloween or Thanksgiving! Super easy and cheap to make too!



Large clear vase with a neck (See photo)

*Pine cones in different sizes

Strand of beads in various colors (sample in photo utilizes gold, black and red)

Small votive/candle holder (make sure that fits into the opening of the vase)

Small candle that fits into the votive holder or tea light; use autumn fragrances, of course

*Apples and pears

Artificial leaves in various colors

Potpourri in fall fragrances and colors

Candle for votive or candle holder

Optional: Ribbon (the size of the neck of the vase determines the width of the ribbon) in orange, brown, dark red, green, gold or dark yellow

*Craft and dollar stores sell real or artificial pine cones and similar fall items.


1. Wash and dry the vase and candle holder/votive so that they shine. Refer to the photo of the finished craft if necessary. You will be layering the objects listed above in the vase.

2. Fill about a half to an inch of the bottom of the vase with potpourri. Leave room for the other objects.

3. Let the shape of the vase dictate where and how to place the pine cones, apples and pears.

If the vase is narrow at the bottom, and widens just below the neck, place the small ones first. Don’t fill up more than a half to one inch of the vase with apples, pears and pine cones. Mix everything with your hand

4. Intertwine one strand of beads.

5. Add some leaves and potpourri. Mix again.

6. Place the larger pine cones, apples and pears next and then intertwine another strand of beads.

4. Finally, arrange the medium objects on top. Add the last strand of pearls and a handful of leaves and finish with potpourri. Mix. Make sure there is enough room for the candle holder/votive which should protrude above the neck of the vase just enough so that it is noticeable.

5. Optional: Tie a bow around the neck of the vase


Substitute for the vase:

Tiny pumpkins or squash


Small pieces of artificial straw of grass

Fall or Halloween stickers; place randomly on the outside of the vase

Mix it up!

Substitute for the candle:

Fall flower buds

Tiny beads in fall colors

Colored water



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