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Kid’s Crafts: Accordion Mini-Album for Father’s Day

Kid’s Crafts: Accordion Mini-Album for Father’s Day


Cardboard for the cover of the mini-album

Rice paper or wrapping paper or any light-weight paper to cover the mini-album

White glue, rubber cement, glue stick

Bond, construction, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper to mount the photos

Double-sided mounting squares or corners

Materials for decorating mini-album: sequins, glitter, paper, stickers, rubber stamps/stamp pad, markers, colored pencils

*Refer to the photos when necessary . Variation of the craft below the How-to.









1.  Measure the photos you selected for the album. Using those measurements, measure and cut two pieces of cardboard. If you are using thin cardboard, measure and cut four pieces. Glue two together and glue the other two together. This will make the cover of the album stronger. If you are using matt board or similar thick board, you do not have to do this. Allow to dry.
2.  If you are using 2 – 4 photos, measure four sections the height and width of the photos along the length of the bond, construction, wrapping paper or scrapbook paper of your choice. In other words, if your photos are 3 1/2” x 5”, you will measure four continuous sections each measuring 3 ½” x 5”. Cut the length of the paper (do not cut the individual sections) and fold in four. This will be the accordion or inside of the album.
3.  Select the paper you will use to cover the cardboard. If your cover measures 3 ½” x 5” add ½” to all four sides of the paper. Cut. You will fold the excess paper and glue it to the backside of the cover.  (The excess paper will be hidden by the accordion. This will become clearer in the next step.)
4.  Fold down and glue the corners first. Then fold down and glue the sides. Apply thicker glue when using thicker paper. Allow to dry. Use pressure so that the paper sticks firmly to the cardboard.
5.  Check the accordion paper against the cover and trim paper if necessary. Glue one folded section of the accordion to the inside of one of the covers. Glue the other end to the other cover.  Apply pressure and allow the glue to dry.
6.  Mount the photos using double-sided mounting squares. Decorate the cover with stickers, stamped art, markers, cut paper, sequins, and more.
Happy Father’s Day!

VARIATION: Don’t want to download photos? Sketch a self-portrait of you and family members instead!

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