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Mike and Marion’s Vacation

Mike and Marion’s Vacation

 Assateague Island, MD

Day 1: Arrival at campground on Assateague Island, Maryland.  Beautiful day.  Shop for groceries, sit on beach at night and watch for shooting stars. Children collect ghost crabs.  Eventually (and mercifully) release them.

Day 2:  Spend day on beach.  Develop tan. Thanks be to God for my Mediterranean genes.

Day 3: Rain. Go to Ocean City, Maryland. Visit boardwalk and Life  Saving Rescue Museum.  Museum more interesting than its title. Boardwalk more interesting than anything until return to island.  Much talk about nudist-sighting on beach and at campgrounds. No see nothing yet.

Day 4: Nudist arrested while walking on beach – a.m. Rain.  Remember lessons learned at Life Saving Rescue Museum. Go back to Ocean City to Phillips’ Restaurant.  Lots of sea food. Yum. Visit boardwalk. Upon return to island, sudden drizzle. While sitting in truck, husband and wife see nudist wearing only short jacket. Husband turns on windshield wipers to see better.  Nudist leaves.

Day 5:  Nudist arrested while walking on beach again. Go to Chincoteague Island, Virginia.  Some horses swam over earlier in the day to be auctioned at carnival. Quaint town. Go clam digging in late afternoon.  Husband gets stung by lots of mosquitoes.  Develops allergic reaction. Wife drives him to emergency room. Husband okay thanks to Benadryl.

Day 6: Go on a canoe.  Fun. Husband goes clam digging again with wife and kids. Fun this time. Wife goes boogie boarding on beach.  Lots of Fun!

Day 7: Bye, nudist. Bye, bye everybody else.

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