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Kid’s Crafts: Flowers for Mother’s Day!

Kid’s Crafts: Flowers for Mother’s Day!

Kid’s Crafts: Flowers for Mother’s Day










Popsicle sticks (use wide popsicle sticks if they are available)

Craft Foam in various colors, construction paper or paper with designs or patterns

Glue or glue stick


Pencil with eraser

Markers in brown and/or green or poster or acrylic paint in brown and/or green

Pompoms in various colors (optional)

Patterns (below)

  1. Trace and cut patterns: there are two sets for two kinds of flowers.
  2. Select papers or Craft Foam for the flower petals or the round flower. Trace patterns and cut.
  3. Use petal patterns for the leaves. Trace and cut in green Craft Foam or other craft paper. Use a minimum of two leaves per flower.
  4. Paint Popsicle stick in brown or green or color with markers or paint.
  5. Glue petals around the Popsicle stick or glue the round flower at the top of the Popsicle stick.
  6. Glue a pompom in the center. Or trace a penny or other small coin on the Craft Foam or other paper of choice for the center of the flowers. Cut and glue.
  7. Place in plants to give as gifts for Mother’s Day. Or make several flowers and place in a vase.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Patterns for Mother's Day Flowers Project0001



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