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Let’s Celebrate! El Dia de los Muertos Banner

Let’s Celebrate! El Dia de los Muertos Banner
El Dia de Los Muetos Banner Design

El Dia de Los Muertos Banner Design


Felt in various colors

Puffy paint in bright and metallic colors



Glitter glue (optional)

Hole punch

Paper in various colors (optional)

Scraps of material (optional)

Decorative gems (optional)



White glue



  1. Select a piece of felt for the background of the banner. Place the banner  vertically or horizontally.
  2. Using different colors of the felt and using the letter stencils, trace and cut three-letter E; one A; two L; one D; one I; two O; two S; one T; one U; and one R.
  3. Arrange the letters on the felt background. Glue. Allow to dry.
  4. Some objects associated with the Day of the Dead are skeletons, marigolds and skulls. Draw and cut flowers, skulls and skeletons out of the remaining felt or use paper or another material. Glue and let dry.
  5. Add sequins, glitter, beads, etc. to the overall design or add starburst, the sun or other symbols right to the holiday. Let dry.
  6. Punch holes in the top corners of the felt. Pass a piece of string longer than the length of the banner through one hole, tie a knot and then pass it through the second hole. Glue a strip of cardboard that fits between the holes and glue it to the back of the banner at the top. Let dry and hang up. Celebrate El Dia de los Muertos!
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Banner Designs: Spring is Here!

Banner Designs: Spring is Here!


A banner is a piece of cloth suspended between two poles and often bearing a design, symbol or slogan. Banners can celebrate the seasons, holidays or bear slogans. The designs in this series of Art Tutorials celebrate summer, spring, winter and fall.

(For the first tutorial, the Spring is Here! Banner, scroll down.)


Here are some basic supplies that you will need on hand for all the banner designs:


Iron/ironing board (optional)


Ball point pen or marker


Tacky glue

Dowel rods

Fun Foam


*Unless indicated otherwise, all felt squares should measure 9” x 12” and all sheets of Fun Foam measure 12’ x 18”.


How to copy a pattern:

Trace a pattern or object by placing tracing paper on its surface and tracing the design with a pencil. Turn the tracing paper over and blacken the reverse side. Then flip the tracing paper original side up again. Lay the tracing paper on the surface you want the design to transfer on to and trace the outline of the design.

Cutting a Square:

Technique #1: Measure with a ruler the desired size of the square. Draw the outline of the square.

Technique #2: Hold the paper flat and bring the top right corner down to the left edge. Then fold the paper and line up the edges on the left so that they are straight. Cut off the extra strip of paper and unfold the square.


Holz, Loretta. Mobiles You Can Make. New York: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Company, 1965

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Constantinides, Marion. Banners! (Unpublished)



Spring Banner Design

Ages: 5 – 12 years

Time: ½ hour – 1 hour


White felt 36” x 36”

Green Fun Foam

Pink Fun Foam Pink Fun Foam

Blue Fun Foam

1. Measure and trim white felt to 14” x 20”. Place the piece vertically in front of you. Measure and fold a 1” seam at the top and iron. Fold another 1” seam. Iron and glue the second fold. The dowel rod will go through this loop.

2. Trace and cut the flower shapes using the patterns provided: yellow Fun Foam for one tulip and one daisy; pink for the second tulip and daisy; blue for the three morning glories; pink for the butterfly and green for the stems and leaves. (NOTE: The daisy and the tulip have different leaves.)

3. Cut one small yellow circle for the center of the pink daisy and one small pink circle for the yellow daisy.

4. Glue all the pieces, scattering the shapes randomly to create a cascading effect. Avoid placing two flowers of the same color next to each other.

5. Draw the centers of the morning glories with a black marker. Add antennae to the butterfly and dots in its center.

6. Cut the dowel rod like the other ones, insert, tie the string to the ends of the dowel rod and hang!

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