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Recycled Valentines

Recycled Valentines

Recycled Valentines


Paper in pink, red, purple, white

Greeting cards or images downloaded from the Internet

Lace Paper doilies







Recycled cards


Glue stick

White glue

Heart-shaped cookie cutters, templates, stencils or the patterns provided below

String or yarn

Markers or colored pencils

  1. Gather greetings cards that you no longer want and cut out shapesĀ thatĀ are traditional for aĀ Valentine’s Day theme: flowers, birds, kittens, hearts, puppies, etc. Or download images or clip artĀ from a free program on the Internet.
  2. Using the heart patterns provided or a heart-shaped cookie cutter(s) or template(s) or stencil(s), trace and cut the heart out of colored paper. Use the largest pattern or cookie cutter or stencil for the main part of the valentine. Make more than one valentine and use papers of various colors. Trace and cut hearts of smaller sizes, too.
  3. Glue sequins, images from the greeting cards, small heart-shapes, etc in a pleasing design on the valentine.
  4. Using markers or colored pencils, write a message: ā€œHappy Valentineā€™s Day!ā€ or any other messageĀ suitable for the holiday
  5. Optional: Glue string or yarn on the back of the valentine and hang it up or give it to a friend of your choice.


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“Quilted” Heart Banner for Valentine’s Day

“Quilted” Heart Banner for Valentine’s Day





Ages: 5 ā€“ 12 years

Time: one hour


Yellow felt square 16ā€ x 14ā€

Dowel rod 18ā€

Red, pink, yellow, and white craft foam cut into 2″ x 2″ squares

Ā¼ā€ ribbon in red, yellow, pink and white.

String – double the length of the dowel rod

poster board or single sheet of craft foam of any color

Using a template or a stencil or drawing by hand, trace the heart on to poster board or a single sheet of craft foam of any color and cut. The heart should measureĀ about 13 3/4″ x 10.”

Cut 8 yellow, 11 red, 10 white and 10 pink squares from the craft foam sheets. The squares should measure 2″ x 2.” Divide the heart in half vertically and in half again horizontally. (Refer to the photo of the banner.)

Lay the squares down along the horizontalĀ foldĀ in the following pattern: white, yellow, pink and red. Place the next row of squares below the first row. StaggerĀ the colored squares so that the second row is not directly beneath the first row. Repeat the pattern until the squares cover the heart. Glue. Allow the pieces to dry.

Fill in the odd-shaped areas with the appropriately colored squares and glue. When those pieces are dry, turn the heart around and trimĀ along theĀ outline of the heart. Measure and cut the felt to 16ā€ x 14ā€. Place it horizontally. Make a loop by measuring and folding a 1ā€ seam. Iron. Measure and fold a second 1ā€ seam. Iron and glue the second fold. You will be inserting the dowel rod through this loop. (TheĀ length of the banner will beĀ about 16ā€ x 12.” This does not include the ribbons.)

Measure and cut two 18ā€ lengths of each color of ribbon. Poke a hole every two inches along the bottom of the felt with a sharp tool. Alternate the colors, pull the ribbon through and tie a knot in the back so that the ribbon is held in place. (Small children should let adults do this for them.) Glue the heart on the felt. Cut the dowel rod to 18ā€ and insert through the loop at the top. Cut the string to a length suitable for hanging. Tie the string to each end of the dowel rod.

VARIATION:Ā Use other shapes to decorate your heart banner: circles/dots, flowers, squiggle lines, triangles, etc. Today, Valentineā€™s Day honors lovers.Ā WeĀ celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th by sending gifts like candy and cards.

Happy Valentineā€™s Day!

COPYRIGHT 2013 Marion Constantinides

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