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Kid’s Crafts: Joy to the World Holiday Banner

Kid’s Crafts: Joy to the World Holiday Banner


As Christianity became the dominant religion in Europe, Christian holidays were held alongside pagan holidays and celebrations.

Christmas has its roots in Yule, the pagan celebration of the winter solstice held in Northern Europe. The ancient Romans also held a winter festival by commemorating the temple of the god Saturn on December 17th. They called it Saturnalia and later extended the holiday festivities from December 17th to December 23rd.

Christmas, celebrated on December 25th, closes the Advent season and begins the twelve days of Christmastide celebrations.

Early Christians adopted pagan customs as well as pagan festivals and celebrations. For example, the Christmas tree is based on the pagan custom of bringing greenery into the house during the winter.

Christians began celebrating Christmas in the 4th century copying the pagans who celebrated the harvest by feasting during the winter solstice. It was a way of livening up the shortest day of the year.

As Christmas became commercialized, various symbols became identified with the holiday: Santa Claus, snow people, angels, pine wreaths, reindeer, stars, horns, the manger, and more.

Joy to the World Banner

Joy to the World Banner


Ages: 5 – 12 years     Time: one hour


Gold glitter pen                                   white felt square 14” x 20”

Beige pompom                                   Kelly green craft foam sheet.

Beige felt square                                dark green craft foam sheet.

Gold felt square                                  red craft foam sheet.

Red felt square                                   String – double the length of the dowel rod

Dowel rod                                           Pattern (optional)


Measure and trim the white square to 14” x 20”. Place the piece vertically. Make a loop by measuring and folding and ironing a 1” seam. Measure and fold a second 1” seam. Iron and glue the second fold. You will be inserting the dowel rod through this loop.

Trace and cut the shapes using templates or stencils or use the patterns provided below. To create the wreath, cut 21 – 22 holly leaves from the Kelly green craft foam sheet and 9 – 10 holly leaves from dark green craft foam sheet. Glue the leaves in a circular arrangement using the top ¾ of the white felt background. Overlap the leaves as you form the design of the wreath.

Trace and cut the bow and letters from the red craft foam sheet. Glue the letters and the bow to the bottom of the wreath.

Trace and cut the angel’s dress out of the red felt, the horn from the gold felt, the wings and face from the beige felt. Glue these pieces in the center of the wreath.

Glue a little moss to form the angel’s hair just below the halo. Glue pompom to show hands and feet. Using the glitter pen, define the angel’s wings and bow.

Cut the dowel rod to about 16”. Insert through the top loop. Cut string to a suitable length. Tie strings to each end of the dowel rod and hang.

Happy Holidays!

Making banners is fun for the family. You can use the banner ideas described here or you can use them as a springboard for your own ideas and designs.

All you need are some basic supplies and a love of making crafts!

Patterns for Winter Banner

Patterns for Winter Banner

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How to Make an Iridescent Angel Ornament for the Holidays

How to Make an Iridescent Angel Ornament for the Holidays

Iridescent Angel

Wood knob or ball
18” long pink or white ribbon
clay pot
Flesh, brown, black and white paint
2 more colors of choice
1 11/2” brass ring
1(1/2 oz.) crystal iridescent glitter
2 jars or bowls for water
White glue
Plastic baggie
2 wood hearts


1. Paint the bottom and sides of the clay pot with two coats of white paint. Set aside to dry between the first and second coats.
2. Fill half a small plastic bag with glitter. Paint the two wooden hearts with white acrylic  paint. Place the wooden hearts in the plastic bag, tie it with a twist tie and shake. Be sure that the hearts are totally covered on the one side with the glitter. Remove the hearts and let them dry. These will be the angel’s wings.
3. The wooden knob is head of the angel. Paint it flesh or brown or black. Let it dry.
4. Paint the clay pot with dabs of different colors: pink and silver or any other color combination
5. While it is still wet, place the pot into the baggie filled with glitter. Shake well and cover the entire pot with glitter. Remove and let it dry.
6. Cut the moss. Roll the back of the angel’s head in tacky glue and then roll the head in the moss. This is the hair of the angel. Trim excess “hair” with scissors.
8. Cut a long piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Pull the loop through the clay pot and position it. Tie the ends in a large double knot and pull the ribbon completely through the hole in the clay pot.
9. Glue the brass ring on top of the angel’s head. Glue the head to the pot. Glue the hearts to the back of the pot with the glittery side facing you.
10. Enjoy the iridescent angel for the holidays!

Recycle materials: Cut pieces of paper (for example, leftover tissue, rice or wrapping paper) and glue them to the pot, overlapping the pieces so the different colors and patterns show through the layers
Other ideas: Instead of a clay pot, use a spool of thread once the thread has been used up.
Replace the moss with scraps of yarn or ribbon for the hair
Do you have leftover clay? Roll it into a ball, let it harden and use it for the angel’s head

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